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Web Hosting Details and FAQs

We offer the leading features in the industry. They are explained in detail below. For the breakdown, look at our price table.

Payment of Account:
Payment of the virtual server can be paid either -

Monthly 1 Month
Bi-Monthly 2 Months
Quarterly 3 Months
Semi-Annually 6 Months 5% Discount
Annually 12 Months 10% Discount
Bi-Annually 24 Months 15% Discount

Please note: There are no setup fees on any accounts.

Domain Names:
Netvantage can take care of all your domain registrations at very competative prices. Go here to register your domain now. You can also have more than one domain name resolving at the same IP number and content holding site. For example, you can park yourname.net to yourname.com.

Storage Space:
We give a very generous amount of space which is substantially more than what most web hosting companies provide. One MB of disk space can hold several hundred text pages or images. Most sites use less than one MB of disk space.

Servers located in Australia:
Our servers are located in Australia for the quickest response times and to avoid the USA-Australia bottlneck. Why would you want all your email and web traffic going via the US? Our network is only two network hops to big providers such as Telstra Bigpond. Brisbane is also the jumping off point for Australian data to the US.


Our datacentre network has been designed to keep working. It offers full network redundancy which means in the unlikely even of a failure, the network can quickly be re-routed to maintain services. Network components are housed in a stable and secure environment in Brisbane Data Centres. The network is monitored 24x7, by an experienced team of systems engineers.

Data Feeds

International data feeds are connected to Southern Cross and Satellite Ground Stations providing a datastream directly to the network. Domestic traffic within Australia is delivered via multiple ATM circuits utilizing the fast and efficient Telstra platform.


The upline network is large and sophisticated. Connectivity to end-users is provided using Lucent Digital Terminal Servers with Cisco WAN and Border Routers, interconnected with Telstra , Telstra Clear, Southern Cross and Satellite Services.

Data Traffic:
This is the amount of network traffic related to your domain. A large number of sites have less than 1000MB of traffic per month, but popular sites could use three or four times that. Please refer to our policies for limitation on certain file protocols.

Email Accounts:
Our e-mail addresses are very flexible. You can set them up as POP or IMAP boxes which store mail, e-mail aliases which redirect mail to another box, or as autoresponders. It would be accessed by a 3rd party email program like Outlook, or Eudora. This gives you a private secure storage location for anyone sending email to the pop box you are using. These can be setup through your mail manager.

Web Based Control Panel:
Gives you the capability to manage all aspects of your account in order to make the best use of your options. By the click of a mouse, you can administer your webspace, your e-mail accounts, your directories, your cgi-bin, and all the special features that we offer you, such as site statisticss. Click here to see what the Control Panel looks like.

Additional Web users:
Allows additional users to login and host content on your website eg;

Your own CGI-BIN:
We encourage development of highly interactive, successful sites. For your site to be truly interactive you need to be able to run computer programs in your own cgi-bin.

Set up Cron Jobs to automate the maintenance of your site.

Manage your own subdomains:
Set up and manage subdomains from your control panel such as;


Frontpage 2002:
This is Microsofts HTML page creator, it requires, you own Microsoft Frontpage software and have it installed on your home system.

Webalyzer Site Statistics:
Track your hits, pageviews, most popular pages and referral sites in an easy-to-use statistics program. This is a very powerful tool for tracking vistiors to your site. It will tell you how long they were there, what pages they visited and the order they were visited in. It will even tell where they came from and what browser was being used. Each day you'll receive a analysis of your web site's visitors.

Access to Raw Logs:
If you prefer to use your own statistic analysis program or want to know exactly what is going on with your website, access to your raw logs is very important.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL):
In order to perform secure transactions for e-commerce etc using https://yourdomain.com you need a hosting company that will support ssl. We use Apache-SSL on all of our servers. You can use our shared certificate or we can set you up with your own IP address for $3.00 per month so you can install your own certificate

Server Side Includes:
SSI or Server side includes, allow the server to parse special page commands. As example if you had a footer you wanted on all your pages that may change from time to time, you can create a text file with the desired footer and place it in your domain. On each page you put a simple include to read that file and place it at the bottom of the desired pages.

PHP 4.2.4:
Not only do we provide you with PHP support, but the majority of our system tools and design projects are done by our staff in PHP. PHP is compiled as a module with MySQL, gdbm, and gd support.

MySQL Database Support:
MySQL is our GNU database of choice. We develop all of our own products with MySQL. We encourage all mSQL and postgresQL users to migrate to MySQL.

Real Audio:
We do not have a real audio/video server. However, we do support real audio/video streaming for no extra charge.When Real Audio/Video first came out, it required an audio/video server to be installed on the web server. This was because Real Audio/Video wanted to charge for each "stream'" or visitor. But soon people started writing competitive audio/video streaming technology that didn't require a special server. So, to compete, Real Audio/Video now does not require a server, and you can even use their free tools to create streaming audio over the Internet.

Real Video:
We support Video streaming with the Real Video Mime type as explained above.

Cybercash Support:
Cybercash is an online credit card processor. If you register with them, you can then install the local config for your domain on our servers with the Control Panel.

FTP is used to upload and download files. Almost all site design programs like Adobe Pagemill, Macromedia Dreamweaver, GoLive HotDog, Allaire HomeSite, CyberStudio, HotMetal Pro, Netscape Communicator and NetObjects Fusion use FTP to maintain your site.

SSH (Secure version of Telnet):
Many users are not at all familiar with SSH and just as many do not need to use it. SSH allows you to get a shell on our Linux servers. To use SSH, email Netvantage for more information.

Anonymous FTP:
Anonymous FTP allows visitors to your site to download files via ftp without a password. It is disabled by default.

Password Protected Pages:
You can use the control panel to specify which users are allowed to access certain pages on your site. When visitors click on a certain URL, they are requested to enter a username and password which you manage through the control panel.

File Manager:
The File Manager is a very powerful feature. It allows you to manipulate all the files in your web site. You are able to create, delete, and move your files. You can also upload files from your local PC to the server in File Manager. Plus, you can edit the HTML in any of your files from this option. Everything you need to manage your site can be found in this feature.

Mail Manager:
Manage all your email accounts through this simple to use mail manger. It allows you to setup, maintain, redirect or modify any of your email accounts.

Unlimited Autoresponders:
You can easily create a autoresponder with the mail manager provided with your domain, its a simple file with information you want automatically sent to people who email a designated email address at your domain. When email is sent to your domain with the same name as one of your autoresponders , the autoresponder file is automatically returned to the sender of the email.

Unlimited Email Forwarding:
Using the mail manager provided with your account, you will be able to redirect email aliases to other pop box locations of your choice. An alias is a-name@yourdomain.com, Example paul@yourdomain.com could be redirected to paul@aol.com your isp account for viewing. You will also be able to provide friends similar aliases at your domain and point it to their isp.

Unlimited Email Aliases:
Unlike many systems, we have designed our network using our trade marked PlusMail system to automatically capture anyname that may be sent to your domain name. This means as long as the @yourdomain.com is proper even typos in the user name will still be captured and not refused. We also provide the ability to turn this feature off.

Form Mail :
Use our preconfigured form mail script to have the output of forms on your website emailed to you.

Mailing Lists:
Mailing lists allow you to send e-mail to a large number of contacts in a very efficient manner. You can manage the mailing list through the control panel.

Email User Panel:
Let your email users login and maintain their own mail services.

Web Design and Development:
Netvantage can also help you with all aspects of web design and development. Click here to find out more about our web design services.

Click here to have your site hosted with us today.

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