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Website Portfolio

Following are examples of some of the web sites designed
and managed by Netvantage. Click on next to see further websites.


Client: Polaris Australia

Project Description:
Total Site Redevelopment.

The development of the Australian Polaris website involved incorporating a large amount of data from the parent US site. The extensive site showcases the large range of industry leading products for the Australian arm of the US company. The new site utilizes Macromedia Flash.

Since Netvantage started managing the site the number of unique visitors to the site has more than tripled. A number of search engine strategies have been implemented to promote the site.


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Testimonial: "We at Polaris would not have been able to achieve such high standards without the support and advice from Netvantage Internet. Through the high quality and short turnaround of their work it meant we could set deadlines and know they would be met. Justin and the team have helped shape the web success of Polaris today. We could not be happier with Netvantage, we wouldn’t consider anywhere else!" – Polaris Marketing Officer James Rendell.