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Priority Submit Service

Terms of Service

Content Policy & Spam Removal Guidelines

Web pages making use of spamming techniques may not be submitted. Such pages will be removed.

Protocol Networks defines spam an inappropriate use of the search engine involving any effort to deceive the search engine into returning a result that is unrelated to the query or whose position has been artificially inflated in the result set. Some examples, but not all, of the more common techniques spammers employ to inappropriately use the search engine include:

· Embedding deceptive text in the body of web documents.
· Creating metadata that does not accurately describe the content of web documents.
· Fabricating URLs that redirect to other URLs for no legitimate purpose.
· Web documents with intentionally misleading links.
· Cloaking/doorway pages that feed Search Engine crawlers content that is not reflective of the actual page.
· Creating inbound links for the sole purpose of boosting the popularity score of the URL.
· The misuse of third party affiliate or referral programs.

Protocol Networks Guidelines

Protocol Networks policies are designed to ensure that the practitioners of these and other spam techniques do not degrade the search user experience in any way.
As with Protocol Networks’ spam guidelines and other guidelines, Protocol Networks reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take any and all action it deems appropriate to insure the quality of the Search Engines index.

Treatment of Paid Content

Protocol Networks designed its Priority Inclusion service to improve the content quality of Search Engine databases and thereby enhance the search user experience. The interests of portals, content providers and web searchers are aligned in support of this design goal, since a positive search user experience will yield increased traffic to providers of quality content. Content providers who submit spam-tainted URLs to Search engines covered via these programs have the potential to reduce content quality and degrade the search user experience. Therefore, URLs submitted via Protocol Networks are subject to these rules and any other additional policies adopted by Protocol Networks from time to time.

URL Guidelines

Any Search engine may remove your URL from their index for reasons including, without limitation, the following: Your URL includes content that:
· Is illegal;
· Is a fraudulent use of the Service, as determined by the Search Engine in its sole discretion;
· Infringes the rights of a third party (as determined by the Search Engine in its sole discretion);
· The Search Engine receives a notice of an act of copyright infringement in compliance with the notice requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998;
· In response to a court order or other judicial or governmental request or action;
· Does not comply with the Search Engine editorial standards;
· Does not comply with the Search Engine technical standards and/or requirements; or
· Does not comply with requirements by the Search Engine web search customers.

Editorial Guidelines

Pages that Protocol Networks would like to included:
· Original and unique content of genuine value.
· Pages designed primarily for humans, with search engine considerations secondary.
· Hyperlinks intended to help people find interesting, related content, when applicable.
· Metadata (including title and description) that accurately describes the contents of a Web page.
· Good Web design in general.

Technical Guidelines

· The URL must resolve to an operational Web page. It may not generate error messages such as "File not Found.".
· The Web page must be accessible and not require a username, password, cookie or other authentication in order to access.
· The Web page must not be on a secure server (i.e., https).
· The Web page must permit so called "spidering" technology, such as not using a "robots.txt" file.
· The Web page must contain visible text (not graphics only).
If your URL is removed you will not be entitled any refund of any fees paid for the Service.


















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