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Search Engines Optimisation
Some of the major search engines;
Google generates over 55% of all search engine referals in Australia.
Anzwers, owned by OzEmail Ltd., was the first commercial search engine for the Australian and New Zealand Internet markets. Launched November 1996 Home Location: Australia http://www.anzwers.com.au

AOL, the world's leading interactive service, is transforming the lives of its more than 29 million members with the most convenient, easy-to-use and valuable online features, content and other benefits available anywhere. Partner: AOLHome Location: United States

chello broadband.n.v. is a leading full service, flat-fee, broadband Internet service provider serving the European market. Launched March 1999 Home Location: Europe http://www.chello.com
CNET Networks, Inc. is the global source of information and commerce services for the technology industry. Home Location: United States
For the past 5 years, EoExchange has been a leader in providing specialized search solutions to more than 50 customers and 150 Web sites, such as Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, and CMP Media. Home Location: United States http://www.eoexchange.com
Espotting provides users with highly relevant search results from thousands of the world's top brand names such as Orange, Sports.com, Amazon, Tesco, Lloyds, Procter & Gamble, Alliance & Leicester, Expedia, easyValue, QXl and Ebay.Launched: September 2000Home Location: United Kingdon http://www.espotting.com

Goo, established by NTT, was the first region-specific search engine for the Japanese market. Goo offers the most extensive and powerful search capabilities in the region, one of the world's fastest growing Internet markets. Launched March 1997 Home Location: Japan

HotBot.com (owned by Terra Networks) is an award-winning smart, sophisticated search engine with more than 40 tools to help users better articulate their searches and get relevant search results quickly and easily.Launched May 1996 Home Location: United States

ICQ is a revolutionary, user-friendly Internet tool that informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will. Launched 1998Home Location: United States http://www.icq.com
iWon is the Internet's leading loyalty-based portal combining world-class search, content and functionality with the Internet's largest guaranteed cash giveaway and loyalty program. Launched October 1999Home Location: United States http://www.iwon.com/

Looksmart is a leading online navigation company that creates and maintains one of the largest editorially reviewed directories of content on the World Wide Web. Home Location: United States

MobilCom AG deals with over 10 million customers, and is now one of Germany's most successful private telephone companies, considered a serious challenge to Deutsche Telekom and setting standards with its simple, transparent, customer-oriented pricing.Home Location: Germany http://www.mobilcom.de
The MSN Network provides a rich set of search functionality on one of the Web's most comprehensive indexes. Home Location: United States
NBCi is driving the evolution of the Internet with interactive online and on-air content, rich media, search and directory, community features and e-commerce. Launched May 1998 Home Location: United States
By leveraging their advanced categorization and filtering technologies, N2H2 is able to provide our customers with tools that make browsing the Web safer, and searching the Internet more productive. Home Location: United States http://www.n2h2.com
Overture, was previously known as Goto.com, the leading provider of Pay-For-Performance search to Web sites across the Internet.Launched May 1998 as Goto.comLaunched Oct 2001 as Overture.com Home Location: United States
Radar UOL, the first high-performance search engine specifically designed for the South American and all Portuguese-speaking Internet market, is owned by Universo Online (UOL).Launched July 1997 Home Location: Brazil http://www.radaruol.com.br
StarMedia Network is the leading online network in Latin America focused on building a global community for Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking audiences. Launched March 1999 Home Location: Latin America
Swiss Search, the search engine standard for German-speaking users in Europe, is run by Inside Internet AG, Zürich (a wholly owned subsidiary of ComBus Group, a Swiss based Trust- and Asset Management Company.)Launched March 1999 Home Location: Germany
Terra Networks is the world's leading provider of both ISP services to residential and small office (SOHO) clients and content for the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking markets. Its ISP business has over 2 million clients and hosts 705 million pages per month, while Terra portals receive 63 million log-ins per month.
Viador the number one enterprise portal company, provides the most comprehensive technology platform for Internet (Business to Business) and Intranet (Business to Employee) portal solutions. Inktomi Enterprise Search provides the search functionality for the portal repositories as well as intranet search.
WWW.FI One of the largest Finnish based Search Engine/Directory. Inktomi Enterprise Search provides the search functionality for the portal.
Corporate Yahoo! provides portal solutions that standardize the aggregation, integration, personalization and presentation platform your company needs to interact directly with your employees, partners and customers. Inktomi Search is the preferred search technology provider to the Corporate Yahoo! platform.