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Domain Name Registration Australia

What is a Domain Name?

What's the difference between your Web site and a great big site run by, say, Google? Assuming your site is a search engine, there's no difference-except Google is at www.google.com.au, while you may be at a Web address that looks something like ">homepage.powerup.com.au/~jlynch/index.html. How did Google acquire such an easy-to-remember address? Simple: the company paid for a domainname.

Over the past couple of years people and corporations have registered a flurry of domain names to carry over their name recognition to the Internet. Want to find a IBM's Web site? Chances are it's at www.ibm.com. But if you set up a site through your local Internet service provider, you get a big, unwieldy address. Still, that doesn't mean you're stuck with it. It's just a matter of choosing a unique name-and paying for it. So sit back and ponder what domain name you want to claim as we step you through the process of making your URL your own. .com.au .net.au and other .au domains are registered for a period of two years. Other domains can be registered for one year.

How do I use, or activate my Domain Name?

Once you register your domain name you need a web host to make your domain live on the internet. This host is a computer continuously connected to high speed internet that provides email handling capabilities and will show webpages when someone types in your domain name. You need a web host as well as your ISP (Internet Service Provider, such as Optus) as your ISP only gives you access to the internet. If you don't have web hosting basically you can't use your domain name. Netvantage provides a complimentary month's hosting with all domain registrations, so your domain can be up and running from day one. ">Search for your domain here, and apply for free hosting here (even if you have already registered your domain).

Should I register a .com.au or just a .com?

If you are an Australian business the choice is up to you. It is a matter of preference. If your customers are mostly Australian, a .com.au domain will show that you are definitely an Australian company, whereas a .com has a more global appearance. Or alternatively you can register both domains just to be sure. This can also be good protection for global growth plans.

Domain Wizard - How can I find a good Domain Name?

To help you find a good domain name try our domain wizard which cam combine descriptive words associated with your company and automatically check each of these domains for availability and create a report for you to view. Try it out here.

Registering your domain name

Netvantage can take care of all your domain name registrations, hosting and billing - giving you just one bill - meaning you don't have to worry about on-line payments. You can register you names on-line right now;
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