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Why Search Engine Promotion?

As you're probably more than aware; more and more people are turning to the internet to find information on products and services such as yours everyday.

In a recent survey;

56.3% of people are using the internet at least once a day.

35.1% use Search Engines at least once a day.

81.7% said they do not read beyond the 3rd page
of Search Engine listings.

'Google it' has become a household term.
"Where would I find..?" "Just Google it"

So you've had a website built. How do people find it?

Is your site appearing within those first 3 pages?

Make your web site Work For You!

Have your website Search Engine Optimised

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the process of 'optimising' a website to increase search engine visibility. By increasing the visibility, and the interpretive 'importance' of a web site according to relevant keywords, the site will then gain a higher ranking on the listing of that search engine. By gaining a higher ranking you are more likely to be found by your next prospective customers.

What can SEO do for me?

The ultimate aim of having your site optimised is to increase traffic. Having your site optimised is like opening a shopfront in a prime location on a busy city street, greatly increasing your visibility, your profile and therefore the volume of potential customers 'walking in the door'.

98.8% of
internet users report using
search engines

Why do I need it?

Nowadays Search Engines are basically looking to see if they consider your site to be 'important'. They also want to be able to 'understand' what your site is about. That's where we come in.

What do I get?

Site Assessment

Once commenced, you'll receive an email requesting a list of keywords . Within the email you'll receive a list of guidelines outlining what to consider when compiling your list. Examples are also included.

In our busy work schedule it's easy to forget some of those smaller chores; if we don't receive the list, we'll remind you. We want your site to succeed as much as you do.

Once we receive the list, a comprehensive assessment of the site will be carried out according to the keywords nominated. We then supply you with a report suggesting changes that need to be made in order to give your site the strength it needs to compete. You can choose to have these changes made by your own web designer or we can arrange to take of it for you.

Traffic Monitoring

You also receive at no extra cost, a Free Hitslink™ account. See the results, watch as your site traffic results climb.

Hitslink enables you to view exactly how much traffic is being generated via search engines and what terms are being used to find your site, in fact there is not much Hitslink can't tell about your traffic.

This will enable you to keep a clear record of the value received from having your site optimised.

View a full working demo at; http://www.hitslink.com/account.aspx

Link Networking

Link building is vital to achieving top search engine positions. The ultimate aim is to acquire reciprocating links with quality sites offering a similar service to your own. Once links are established and search engines acknowledge them pointing to your site, you will start to see your web site climb in the results.

We pride ourselves on the fact that all links within our database are hand-picked by humans, subject to stringent criteria before being approved. To date, we have collected 25,000 quality links, these links are not shared with any third party, remaining exclusively for the use of strengthening the link network for our clients only.

So why should I choose Netvantage?

The Google algorithm has become 'smart'. That's why we don't use old fashioned trickery in an effort to fool it. In fact you're more likely to be penalised.

We adhere to guidelines as set out by major search engines.
(eg; http://www.google.com/webmasters/seo.html )

After 5 years in the SEO industry we have developed our own software, knowledge, experience and network to become one of the most cost effective SEO service in the world.
We are dedicated to achieving the highest possible ranking for our clients, we couldn't get those results otherwise.

You may have noticed there's a lot of SEO services out there offering a LOT for your money, but of course you need to ask "Is it an effective service?"

For example watch out for; "Submission to thousands of search engines". Well that would be great...if there was any need, but there's not. Google even states "Submission isn't necessary and does not guarantee inclusion in our index" . Most major Search Engines use 'Bots'. Bots are software, little programs written to fly around the web and make algorithmic assessments of each web site. If your site doesn't fit the criteria the bot will ignore it and move on to the next
(they have a very busy schedule)

Why submit to ' thousands of Search Engines' with results like these?


There's a common myth that the only way to get traffic is to pay big dollars.

SEO is the most cost effective, long term solution . PPC can be a great 'instant solution' but will only appear as long as you're paying. The more traffic you receive, the more you pay.

60.8% of Yahoo and 62.3% Google users surveyed in 2004 found 'organic' results to be more relevant.

[Statistical Reference; iProspect 2004, Survey Sampling International, Stratagem, webSurveyer]

PPC vs. SEO Article

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