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The Promotion Process


Month 1

Keyword Analysis:
The first step is the selection of suitable keywords. Initially we'll be focusing on 3-5 different keyword combinations. These combinations are chosen based on the current strength of your web site.

SEO Assessment:
A list of changes that need to be made will then be created for your site. These changes are necessary for achieving your top positions.

Please note:
Changes are made with your design in mind. Most changes will not impact on the look or feel of your site.

Netvantage will provide a quote for the implementation of these changes to your site. This quote is an additional cost to your monthly fee. On average, SEO changes require 3 hours to implement. We cannot implement changes to database driven web sites

Link Acquisition:
Netvantage will then access it's database of 300+ clients and 1000's of web sites on the Internet to locate immediate links for your web site.

Please Note:
On average we will acquire 10 links per month for your site. These will all be good quality links that are related to your industry.

Our team is very fussy about link acquisition. Search engines are looking for web sites that link up with related sites. The better quality these sites are, the higher a search engine will place you on their results page.

Link acquisition in the 1st month is limited to what we can access within our database. Web sites that fall into general categories (travel, accommodation, computers, etc.) are easy to match links for. For niche sites, we may not be able to match any good sites and link building will therefore commence in the next month.

Admin Panel:
An Admin panel will be created for your site. The panel will anable you to monitor all aspects of your SEO service with Netvantage. The panel consist of a:

  • SEO Account Details Screen:
    Displays all of your account details that we have on file. You will be able to change your details if required.

  • Link Building Status Screen:
    Displays your current link building activity. Allows you to add or delete links and generate email reports.

  • Hitslink Program Screen:
    Provides a tutorial on how you can access and use your complementary Hitslink program to monitor your search engine progress.

This initial development usually takes about 3-5 working days. Once the search engines revisit your web site, you'll see an immediate improvement in your search engine traffic.

Month 2 and ongoing

SEO Check Up:
We will seek your permission to make editorial changes to your site, when we think it is appropriate to tweak your SEO. As time progresses, you'll be at the top of the results for the easy phrases so we'll re-optimise your site for more competitive phrases.

Link Acquisition:
We have a dedicated team whose sole responsibility is to acquire new links from quality web sites on the Internet.

Link Acquisition Involves:
Reviewing 100-300 sites each month relevant to your industry. Only about 10% will be considered worth approaching.

We're especially looking for the new 'expert links', as required by Google's latest algorithm change. Expert links are usually prominent directory sites such as the Open Directory, Yahoo, or strong directories related to your industry ('The Computer Directory').

DMOZ Submission:
Your site will be submitted to the Open Directory if it does not already appear there. Each month we will verify your listing here. This is the most important directory to be listed with.

Keeping a Record:
A SEO Progress Email will be send to you on a monthly basis. This email will tell you how many links have been exchanged that month.

Summary benefits

  • Ongoing recommendations about onsite optimisation of your web site copy

  • Voluminous promotion of your web site on semantically relevant web sites

  • Acquisition of expert links

  • No automated acquisition of links

  • Monthly personal and automated reports

  • High quality tracking of web site visitors

  • Confidence of knowing Netvantage has the experience to achieve your top positions.

We're dedicated to providing Search Engine Optimisation that will work for your business, which is why we offer a bimonthly payment system. Under this system you'll see your web site soar and you have everything at your fingertips to manage your Netvantage SEO campaign.

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